dr avanish

Namaste, I am Dr Avanish and my passion in life is to help others to achieve their goals and to share tools and techniques how to enjoy and sustain a healthy and happy life.

I am practising and learning since 1990 and I have been running retreats since 2000 with an emphasis to optimise calmness, clarity and overall well-being.


Retreat Is focused on self discovery and understanding which will facilitate living a life of freedom, free from unnecessary stress, conflict and ill health.

Retreat is exclusively designed to help you understand yourself better and bring lifestyle changes to have calmness, greater clarity of thoughts, harmonious relationships, better health and improved control and management of daily stress and conflicts.

One on One

Everyone is unique and especially in exploring yourself through self awareness. We all comes with our own personal knowledge and different mindset on the journey of self discovery. That’s why a individual approach is necessary to help you to understand yourself with a tailored made profound practice according to your needs and requirements.

One on One is individualised and personalised self retreat which combines ancient wisdom and practices to have instant insight.